Malcolm Gladwell: How to Tell if Someone is Blackout Drunk

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the Joe Rogan experience I don't know

too much about the actual is there a

difference between the way different

alcohol affects is does the wine alcohol

actually affect you by volume by by by

the actual percentage of alcohol does it

affect you differently than beer or

differently than whisky or differently

in tequila cuz that's what people always

say oh if I drink tequila I get crazy

like people always have these stories

but is that true if you have you had a

certain percentage of alcohol see we eat

yes equalize the the alcohol

concentration is it all the same in you

yes because for me wine makes me warm

and friendly and it makes me sleepy and

it mean it doesn't make me energetic

whiskey makes me crazy like I think it's

a crazy drug I think when people drink

shots of Jack Daniels they just want to

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