The Joy of Losing - Learning to Have Fun Playing Games - Extra Credits

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winning a game shouldn't be only fun

when you're winning can't only be fun

when you're winning as an industry and

as a community we seem to have forgotten

this we've forgotten the importance of

finding the joy in losing real quick up

top please give a warm icy welcome to

Kelsey who's doing guest art for this

episode thanks Kelsey in games today we

put a huge emphasis on winning we've

moved it from being the goal of most

games to the raison d'etre of most games

especially in multiplayer environments

in many multiplayer games we've let

winning become more important than

having fun we've let it Eclipse the joy

of the game itself time and time again

we've all run into players that aren't

having fun unless they're winning and

when they're losing their actively

having a bad time losing makes them

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