Casually Explained: Reddit

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reddit is one of the biggest websites in

the world and is more popular than ever

and if someone who's been there almost

every day for more than ten years

because I can't regulate my own behavior

I often see people either confused as to

how the website works are unfamiliar

with common etiquette that they really

need to know in order to fit in and I

want to make a bit of a guide so let's

start of course with the obvious how do

you navigate reddit now you might notice

that over here there's a search bar in

the upper right side of the website but

it's important to know that the search

bar is purely for aesthetic purposes and

serves no actual function there's in

fact currently no way of fighting things

on reddit the good news is that if you'd

like to view a post you've already seen

before you can simply go to the front

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