Excel Magic Trick 888: Delete Filtered Records Do Not Delete Hidden Records

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welcome to Excel magic trick number 888

hey this video right here is about the

near infinity of Excel now many of us

have been using Excel for years and

years and all of us know this we come

across something we'd never seen before

but it's always been in Excel and the

other day mr. Excel and one of the duels

taught us all about filtering and

deleting and so I just want to do that

here real quick

I have some supplier fun trains and we

don't buy stuff from them anymore so I'm

going to use control shift L turn on the

filter and I'm going to filter this

column and just show fun trains now I'm

going to highlight and right click

delete now just for a moment there you

can see the visible cells are

highlighted I'm going to click OK now it

looks like all the records have been

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