How To Heal A Shaving Cut πŸͺ’πŸ’ˆ

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now I've got a good chance to be able to

show you how to heal if you cut yourself

this is only actually really quite a

small cut but because my skin is warm

and there's a lot of blood running

through my face there's actually quite a

bit of blood that comes out you can see

now I'm going to carry on shaving as I

normally would and then once I've got

all the hairs off that's then when I'm

going to address this so now I'm

finished I'm just going to run some cold

water over the face run the Allen Block

over it that's going to sting like how

as you can see behind my face there but

it works as an antiseptic it works an

astringent so it tightens everything up

almost closes it down a little bit then

as I normally would we use the

aftershave balm really nourish the skin

and then a real important one is to use

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