How to Stop Numbers Converting into Dates in MS Excel

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hey guys hope you'll find their dmg to

get back with Excel today I'll show you

how to stop numbering converting into

dates in Microsoft Excel so the easy

thing is I'll show you when I'm trappin

like 5/3 it will convert like 3 min as

you can see here or 6-3 it will convert

other month so I don't want to this

format I want to just simply my data

will like 5/3 so how to do this I show

you easy method so select your area

which you want to convert don't want to

convert your number into date like this

I want to sell this entire column and

after select simply go to your home and

here in the journal extensive and

selected text ok that's it and not try

5/3 boom that's it

and 7-8 so there is no converting

numbers in two days if I try to type the

same thing in the next column myself

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