HOW TO CATCH A CHEATER (according to WikiHow)

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hello troublemakers welcome back to my

channel my ears are freezing I am so

cold and I had to wear my favorite ear

shirt your ear protectant you're

protecting your warming sweatshirt I

haven't settled on the name for it yet

not only does it keep my ears and my jaw

warm but it looks really stylish it does

don't say it doesn't because that's

gonna hurt my feelings wikiHow is a

fantastic place where you can learn

anything like for instance how to make a

peanut butter and jelly sandwich because

it's kind of it's difficult it's a lot

more steps than you would think it's

like three steps you gotta buy the

ingredients you gotta spread the

ingredients you gotta eat it that's a

lot because of its sheer wide-spreading

nature wikiHow also has some weird

articles today I want to focus on the

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