How To NOT Be Shy (Around Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

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Heya playa, if you just started a new relationship you may run into moments where you feel shy

around your new boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be that you don't know them that well

yet, you're afraid to make plans or you just don't know what to talk to them about. Don't

worry though because in this video I'm gonna teach you how to not feel shy around your

boyfriend or girlfriend. This is The Josh Speaks. You're watching The Josh Speaks. Sometimes

we look at shyness as a kind of weakness. As if we don't have what it takes to make

our relationship great and because of that it's just gonna fail. However, it's incredibly

common to feel shy around someone that you barely know and it make take you time to open

up and just be yourself. Try to think of this connection you have with this person as being

the kind you would have with one of your closest friends. As time goes on and you get to know

them a little bit better, you can joke, you can laugh and you can share stories with them.

If you feel like your relationship is so brand new that you guys are still practically just

crushes, check out my video right here where I go more in depth on how to not be shy around

your crush. Another way to overcome your shyness is to just be straight up honest about how

you feel. If you feel nervous around them and don't know what to talk about, just put

it out there and let them know, "Hey, I'm feeling kind of shy. But I want you to know

that I do care about you". By being open about how you feel, your partner will stress less

because they know where you stand and will allow them to open up more and share their

feelings with you too. So what do you do if both of you are shy and you don't really know

how to communicate that clearly with one another? That's perfectly fine too because once you

see that your partner is able to openly communicate with you too, that should be the opening for

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