How to deal with presentation stress and anxiety

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For seven years I presented the news

on television and every thursday I was there in front of my camera

and I heard the director in my ear saying: Attention studio for life

5, 4, 3, ...

and every Thursday

I felt my heart racing. Every week, seven years...

Now I tell you this because there is this huge misunderstanding

that experienced speakers they are not nervous. When you see that speaker on

stage and you say like like: "Well they do it in a natural way"

No they don't. They are nervous. But the difference to me

between an experienced and inexperienced speaker is that experience people

know how to handle the nerves. I want to give you this insight because it

really helped me a lot

to deal with my nerves.

Because it all begins with the brain. That's where my explanation begins.

Because you have to look at your brain

as having these different antennas

Your brain really wants to protect yourself and it takes that job very seriously

So as soon as the antennas perceive a kind of danger

a button is pushed. It's a button somewhere here

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