What can I eat or drink before colonoscopy?

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Dr. Echavarria, what diet do you tell

your patients to follow before a colonoscopy?

This is very important because a lot of people think

that just by taking the bowel prep medication

they are going to be clean.

And I tell them this is not the case.

They actually have to do a couple of things to prep besides the medication

and diet changes are really important here —

a couple days prior to the colonoscopy.

The things that I tell them is: one,

is to do what is called a low residue diet,

and I think that's the new kid on the block for colonoscopy preparation

in the last couple of years.

The beauty about the low fiber diet is that

they can do that and still eat some solid foods.

Those foods are going to be easily digested in the small bowel

and are going to be easily cleaned during the colonoscopy.

Now you have to ask your doctor exactly

what a full low fiber diet entails.

Usually this diet is going to involve foods

that tend to not stimulate the bowel as much,

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