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Transcriber: Eunice Tan Reviewer: Tanya Cushman

About a year ago, as I was finishing my research on motherhood,

I came across "The Feminine Mystique,"

written by Betty Friedan in 1963.

The title of the first chapter is "The Problem That Has No Name."

As I read through the pages,

I felt my heart bursting.

I thought to myself,

"Every mom needs to know what's in these pages."

It helps give meaning to where moms were back then

and where we still are today.

Betty Friedan was able to interview these mothers,

who shared with her that they felt unfulfilled,


and ashamed to admit that they felt lost in the midst of motherhood.

She called this "the problem that has no name."

The spread into suburbia,

with its green lawns and large corner lots,

was isolating for moms.

Their worries over smallpox and polio

were replaced by depression and alcoholism.

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