How to Disable a Date Autofill in Excel : Microsoft Excel Tips

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hi my name is Justin Conway I'm an excel

expert I'm going to show you how to

remove a date autofill in Microsoft

Excel there's an easy way to do this

hopefully you don't already have your

dates inputted or I'm sorry your numbers

inputted because the easiest way to do

it is to make sure that the cells don't

compute the the date to begin with and

to do that let's say you're going to

have in this example we have a new

worksheet we want the entire first

column to be numbers that are going to

look sort of like this let's have a 5 -

12 - something like that and that looks

like a date but maybe that's a some sort

of part number for you or something like

that in in Excel the way it's set up if

you hit enter now it would it would

normally turn to a date but the reason

it didn't is because if you go into if

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