How to Create a Nested Function in Excel : Microsoft Excel Tips

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hi my name is Justin Conway I'm a

Microsoft Excel expert and I'm going to

show you how to use nested formulas in

Microsoft Excel the reason you would use

the nested formula is because you want

to perform several functions but have

that data all calculated and then input

into one cell so for instance we take a

look at my workbook here this sheet I

have averages and if I wanted to

calculate how the average would be

converted into a actual alphanumeric

score I would need a nested formula to

perform that function and I have one

installed here so you can see I'll break

down the way this formula is laid out

first of all it's called an F function

that you would be using to perform this

particular nest and so it B equals F and

then open parenthesis and let me quickly

explain also if you see all the way at

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