Mount Windows Shared Folder on Pop!_OS or Ubuntu | Complete Guide

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what's up my name is technobo here for

troubleshoot and welcome back to another

video in this video i'll show you how to

mount a windows shared folder in linux

specifically debian distributions

including pop os which i'm currently

using and ubuntu what this is based off

of though of course this should work on

other db in it distros as well so to

begin i'll open up the terminal and

we'll be running a few commands here

you'll find these in the description

down below sudo apt-get install samba

samba client

cifs utils lib nss win bind and win bind

so suit apt to get install somber samba

client sifs utils lib nss win bind and

win bind then i'll hit enter

enter my sudo password and hit yes to

start the installation these are all the

packages that we'll be using in this

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