How to Open or Mount VMDK Disk Files to Recover Data without VMware Workstation

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hi in this video we're going to show you

how to open or mount a vmdk file in

windows so vmdk files are used by vmware

workstation as disk files so if you

don't have a vmware workstation

installed but you have a vmdk file you

want to access you could still do so and

if you did have vmware workstation

installed you could normally just right

click on it and mount it and then get

your files that way so in this case i

took this windows 10 vmdk file from

another computer put it on this computer

that doesn't have workstation to show

you that you can still access it so

there's two ways we're going to do it so

the first way we're just going to open

it using 7-zip file manager which is

similar to winrar

winzip that type of thing it's free

download i'll put a link in the

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