How to Enable USB in VirtualBox on Windows 10?

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another update hi guys in this tutorial

I'm going to show you how to enable USB

support in VirtualBox on Windows 10 okay

so let me minimize this window okay guys

so on the left you can see this is my

regular operating system and this is

Windows 10 running in VirtualBox ok so

here you can see I have my USB drive

you know listed over here but in you

know VirtualBox here you can see I don't

have any USB drive ok so how we can

enable a USB support in VirtualBox ok so

let me close this ok so I need to close

this you know virtual machine so I need

to click on this close button and I need

to click on this power of the machine

fast so let me click on the ok it's

powered off ok if I open my VirtualBox

and here you can see Windows 10 is

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