Force an External Mac Drive to Mount via Command Line Terminal Commands in Mac OS X

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welcome to two tips and tricks today

we're going to force an external hard

drive to mount on the desktop using the

command line in the terminal of Mac OS

10 so in this case we've got a drive

connected to our computer as you can see

it's a USB external hard drive but it's

not appearing on the desktop now I

showed you in a previous video on a link

up below how to look in the disk utility

application and utilities see if that

drive appears and use the GUI to mount

it but if that's not working you can try

using this process in the command line

now to get to the command line you use

the terminal application and then the

dock I usually have a terminal here just

so I can get to it easily but if you

don't have it there you can get to it

quickly by going into the finder and

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