How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace and Hide Wires

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Welcome back to Fix This Build That I'm Brad. And today we're gonna be mounting a TV over a fireplace with totally hidden wires


So right now our TV is in one of these little nooks that kind of came by the Builder

But that was before TVs got really big and really nice and we want to move that over so we can get a bigger TV

And make this into built-in bookshelves, which is gonna be another project that I'll be doing later on

So here's the fireplace. It is a stack stone fireplace, but it is very uneven across the surface

So there's gonna be some challenges there. And also I need to run power because there's no power behind there

so I'm gonna go ahead and dive in and I'm gonna also tell you how you can do that if your setup is a little

Bit different than mine as well. Our fireplace is a gas burning insert and with the deep shelving

I was pretty sure it was hollow behind

I took off the trim to get an idea of how it was constructed and the best way to get back there

I was happy to find out it was just drywall and I could easily cut into it. I

Started to cut that whole panel out with a drywall saw

But then I decided just to cut a little peephole to see what was going on before I fully committed

The whole saw is from the wire extension kit that I'll be using

And I was hoping that I could use this hole that I made for the wiring harness later

Now the folks watching on my Instagram stories got a first look through the hole

Alright guys, we are officially in the thick of it. I drilled a hole there in the side of the wall

Check it out into the darkness. I

Stuck my phone inside the wall to see what's going on

and I was relieved to see an open space in the wood framing around the fireplace insert and

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