How to Map a Network Drive on Windows using a Synology NAS

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today we're going to take a look at how

you can map a network drive on a windows

pc using a synology nasa's shared folder

now this is going to be a really quick

video i've received a few questions on

this and i thought it was easiest to

just quickly create a video on it but

there's a synology setup and then

there's a windows setup so we're going

to quickly look at the synology setup

and then we're going to shift over to


now in dsm we have to enable smb and the

way that you can get to smb is by

opening the control panel selecting file

services then smb

from there you have to ensure that

enable smb service is selected so when

you actually map a network drive in

windows you're utilizing smb so that's

why we have to enable it here this is no

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