How to dismount and mount lawn mower tire

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all right youtubers today I'm going to

show you how to take a tire off the rim

and put it back on so pretty much this

is all you're gonna need right here two

screwdrivers available or some brake

cleaner and some soapy suds and

toothbrush if you don't have a valve

polar just use anything to let the air

out of the tire hundred percent first

thing you just want to get this valve

out of here

let all their attire and get your tools

and stuff ready this guy over here is

definitely the culprit

he likes to bite tyres for some reason

so the first thing you're going to want

to do is get to tie or at least unseated

it's really easy just take your hands

and make two fists like this push down

like this that's it

got that one got that one so now you got

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