How to Mount ISO Disk Image Files in Windows 10

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so today I'm going to show you how to

mount ISO files in Windows 10 it is a

feature that's actually already built

into Windows now so that's really nice

you don't need to install any external

programs to do this but not many people

actually know how to do it so I have a

like just a generic ISO file here so

essentially it was just like a disk

image that they can convert it into a

file to make it easy to to pass around

without the actual disk but to actually

mount it on Windows so you can use it

right now you'll see that the image

doesn't look like a disk and that's

indicating that another program is set

to default open iso files so i'm just

gonna go to the file browser here and

then go to the desktop so this is the

iso file that i want to work with

essentially the issue is 7-zip is what

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