EXT4 in Windows

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so how do you interact with a Linux

partition in Windows there's a lot of

different ways to do this but ext4 is

typically the one thing that you can do

in Windows but it's kind of hidden so

I'm in an article today let's get on the

desktop and we're going to get in and

review this entire thing let's not waste

any time just look over the requirements

if you're on Windows 11 you're good to

go if you're on Windows 10 you're

probably going to need a later version

just do win ver so if you go down to run

and just type win ver right there you

can see obviously this Windows 11 so

it's always going to be over 22 000 but

older versions of Windows 10 I think

it's 21 H2 or 21 H1 one of those uh in

the past year or two should be good and

obviously newer the other catch to this

is this is internal hard drives so it

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