Mounting Rear Tractor Tires Quickly & Easily | Farmall Super C Restoration Episode 13

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hi I'm p and welcome to just a few Acres

Farm today I'm installing the rear tires

on my Farmall Super C tractor and

they're going to go on like butter

nope nope these are the tires I got

they're Titan 11.2 by 36 and they have

that more traditional 45 degree lug

pattern on them which I like for old

tractors I like to install rear tractor

tires with the rims on the tractor

because it gives me a nice stable

surface to mount on and for lubricant

I'm using this Murphy's

tire lube stuff

it's important to have

good lubricant there we go makes things

easier and I'm just going to lubricate

the bead that's going on first here then

I'm going to lubricate this side of the

rim here on the tire of course you can't

use oil or grease when you mount Tire

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