How to Copy, Add or Upload an ISO to a DATASTORE in VMware vSphere [ESXi + vCenter 7.0]

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hey my name is Emilio from digital bike

computing today we're going to go

through the simple steps on how to get

an ISO file whatever it may be an

installation of Windows of Linux of ESXi

we want to get that ISO into VMware when

you go through those steps today very

very easy to do before we do that please

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tech video releases let's go through

those steps right now so I work in IT

and I absolutely love it and today the

simple steps on how to get a ISO and ISO

file really a file into your VMware

environment we're going to do this from

my Mac I'm going to log into my Mac if

you're on Mac Windows or Linux the

process is exactly the same we're gonna

get into our web browser and we've got

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