GTA 5 Multiplayer - How To Get "Hot" Cars Into Los Santos Customs!

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yo what's going on guys it is Larsen HD

and today get another GTA 5 video for

you guys on how to get high-end quality

cars into the los santos customs as you

can see here when you try to make of it

like you know this is for online as well

when you try to get like a really good

car as you can see here I have the vapid

bullet and I'm trying to get it in there

it says you're the vehicles too hot to

modify purchase high-end vehicles or

whatever but um basically this is a

glitch to actually get your car inside

of there it's a you're gonna kind of say

like wile Larsson hu why the hell are

you making this video just to like

give users home but um or you'll

see here in a second is like you can

actually get the car in but you can't

really customize it or um you can't

really uh like you know make it your own

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