Alter or Change DataType of a Column in SQL Server

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hello friends welcome back again to

sequel with Manoj in my previous video

we saw how to add and remove columns

from a table and in this video we'll

again talk about columns and we'll see

how can we change the data type of a

column right so let's go to SSMS right

and I'll be taking example of the same

employ table having the following

columns the columns are employee ID

employee name gender date of birth date

of joining department ID and manager ID


so first of all let's try to you know

just see what's in the table so I'll

execute a select statement s e la CT

select star from DB DB o okay rather

than typing a table what I can do is I

can track and drop this name so this is

a tip for you guys right so this is save

you some time right so just select it

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