Python Pandas Tutorial (Part 5): Updating Rows and Columns - Modifying Data Within DataFrames

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hey there how's it going everybody in

this video we're going to be learning

how to alter existing rows and columns

in our data frames so in the last video

we learned how to filter out specific

information and we can use those

techniques here to also modify our data

so we'll learn how to update the data

for our rows and our columns and in the

next video we'll also learn how to add

and remove rows and columns from our

data frames now I'd like to mention that

we do have a sponsor for this series of

videos and that is brilliant org so I

really want to thank brilliant for

sponsoring this series and it would be

great if you all can check them out

using the link in the description

section below and support the sponsors

and I'll talk more about their services

and just a bit so with that said let's

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