The Sims 4 - How to Install Mods and Custom Content (Steam / Origin) - QUICK AND EASY!

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the same as floor has finally arrived on

Steam and to celebrate we've put

together a quick and painless guide to

get you started with adding free custom

content to your game The Sims resource

comm has been around since 1999 and has

over a hundred and thirty thousand

high-quality pre-tested at completely

free mods for the sims 4 from a rich

community of talented artists from

around the world dozens of new items are

uploaded every single day everything

from new hairstyles and outfits to

entirely new households can be added to

your game from the sims resource comm

with just a few clicks while using the

site is 100% free

we are ad supported and also offer a

fancy VIP option to skip the ads and

make installing multiple mods a breeze

first make sure to start the game at

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