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okay hi stop don't skip ahead it is

still not possible to be able to use

mods and custom contents on your console

Sims 4. however stay watching the video

to find out why with all the receipts


hey humans how's it going it's shiny

today here and no I still don't have

good news for you if you're a console

player you play The Sims 4 on Xbox or

Playstation you're still not able to use

mods or custom content no the game does

still not supported I am aware that

consoles themselves can support mods and

custom content because of being able to

read files but these Sims 4 game itself

on console is not able to do this it's

not even in the game settings I have

covered this on the channel before so

you've probably seen one of those

previous videos I asked one of the gurus

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