How to Start Modding Fallout 4 in 2021 (MO2 + F4SE Tutorial)

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so you want to start modding fallout 4

in 2021

either that or you just want to see how

i do it either way you've come to the

right place

today we're going to be taking a look at

how to install mod organizer 2 and how

to use it properly

in 2021 with its most current updates

additionally showing you how to install

fallout for script extender as well as a

couple of tips on organization and

making things

play nice with each other at the end so

let's go ahead and start with the things

that you're going to need today

first of all is going to be 7-zip or

winrar to open up zipped files

we're going to need the mod organizer 2

itself as well as the fallout 4 script


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