How To Install Car Mods in GTA V / GTA 5 *2021* EASY METHOD!! ADD-ON Car Mod (STEP BY STEP GUIDE)

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what is up guys it's a boy sloppy here

welcome back to another gta 5 video

in today's video i'm going to be showing

you guys how to download and install

a car mod in gta 5. we're going to be

using the add-on method because i think

that's the easier one

essentially what we're going to be doing

finding a car on the internet

downloading it installing it and then

we'll be able to drive it

simple easy as that all you guys got to

do is follow the steps that i take and

you'll be good

so i made a tutorial on how to do this a

couple years ago it was very good the

video was very very

good a lot of you guys loved it but you

said that it was a little bit

complicated i'm trying to make a newer


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