what happens if you miss an exam? how do special considerations work? | GCSEs and A-Levels 2022

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hello lovelies this is the third video

in a mini series on what to do on copied

and exams because we are still in the

middle end

of a pandemic and it's very very likely

that some of you will wake up morning

exam and feel unwell and test positive

for kovid and then miss that exam in

that case there'll be special

considerations put in place now every

single year people miss exams for

unexpected reasons one of my friends was

worn over a bus on her way to her math

exam and she missed that maths exam she

did set her english exam in hospital

though which personally i think was a

bit brutal for them to make them do that

anyway every single year people miss

exams but this year i think more people

are going to be missing exams and

there's slightly different rules in

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