How To Mine Bitcoin - Easy & Simple

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hey friends welcome to the noobs guide

to start learning how to mine bitcoin

cryptocurrencies are reaching an

all-time high which has led to resurged

interest in everything that's going on

bitcoin has been down from its high of

40 000 but still teetering at 37k while

ethereum is sitting high

at an all-time high of 1500 bucks this

has led to a large resurgence of

interest in the topic of bitcoin mining

so we wanted to cover that for you here


because some things have changed since i

did my first video on this back in 2017.

but before we get started i just want to

ask that you smash the like button it's

right down there you can do it it's

completely free

so before we get into how to do this

let's talk about the things that you're

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