How to Cook Fish (Salmon) in the MICROWAVE!

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okay guys today I'm going to be showing

you how to make delicious dish like the

salmon that I made using the microwave

in less than seven minutes it's really

easy and tastes really good

I had a little bite of it and it's

amazing and it's just a miracle on how

you can make it taste so great so why

don't we get started so right here I

have a half a pound of salmon and I'm

going to ya show you how to put it in

the microwave now the first step is

we're going to Kathleen eight out sorts

with all types of salmon and I'm using

from waste and then you want to

carefully put it inside after you flap

after that you're going to season it F

so I'm going to be using dill weed

pepper and salt now I'm just going to

take your salt sprinkle some on huh

there that should be good enough and

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