How To Reheat Rice In A Microwave

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hello their minds pointless and I run

the time and time again you cook we

school in West Sussex today I'm going to

share with you some recipes some shift

tips to bring back the fun and home

cooking I'm going to show you how to

reheat rice in the microwave

now we've got some rice basmati rice I

cooked earlier on in boiling water for

about six to eight minutes rapidly

boiling water and move fresh there now I

want to be safe and in heat and

reheating this so it's been refreshed

now what I'm going to do now is I'm just

seasoning up to what I like so I felt a

bit of butter in there and a bit of salt

and pepper

so season up it's nice to get all your

seasoning in first rather than at the

end because the heat from the microwave

we can give me a bit more flavor as well

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