How to Cook Rice A Roni in the Microwave, The San Francisco Treat!

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hey what's going on guys Bentham is here

today I'm gonna be showing you how to

make some rice-a-roni the San Cisco

treat and the microwave let's do it

so first thing you're gonna need oh they

say to court I don't know what size this

is and a glass lid so open the box and

pour into the container okay pouring it

into the container the container boy

pays your rice okay step one step two

you need butter or margarine get butter

how much butter 1 tablespoon of butter

or margarine all right so this is a

tablespoon off of measuring that's how

you scoop it out of the butter of any

throw it into


this is the bowl you don't really need

to but I'm putting the lid on I don't

know if you really need to we're gonna

go throw this bad boy in the microwave

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