Microwave Popcorn - 2 Ways

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I don't know about you but I like

popcorn now I like popcorn

I have saldanha and my husband likes

popcorn with a lot of butter on it and

some salt but you know I see a lot of

people making popcorn in their instant

pack and I guess that's possible but for

me I have to pack that away so it's not

always on the counter but you know what

is my microwave so I'm going to show you

how to make two different microwave

popcorns really really easy and both

taste great come on I know when you

heard microwave popcorn you thought of

one of these packets right a lot of

people use these you just take it

cellophane off put it in the microwave

kids can just push the popcorn button

and voila

they have popcorn at their fingertips

but some people say there are

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