Tip: microwave frozen meals without a mess

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this is an example of a microwaveable

meal and compared to that the guard

shift are now most people they open the

package they perforating all the five

flex up and they took the ping on

microwavable meals directly into the

microwave and kept jumping like that

what ends up happening is is occurring

and what looks folding all over the

place and you have a large mask and then

also when you take out the package is

really hot and you can't really hold it

visual now the way to get around this is

to perforate this act like this turn

your package upside down so that the

directions are on top and put your meal

into the into the box what's that it is

a period on this side that with a sea of

the sealed end so the explosion tapping

inside the box and you're still able to

see the directions annoy your to do is

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