The RIGHT Way to Microwave a Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich

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today we're gonna show you how to nuke a

Jimmy Dean croissant sausage egg and

cheese here's a sandwich let's open her


now we're gonna wrap it in a paper towel

all right all wrapped up let's get it


microwave sorry it's a little berry put

that in there for tea by the way the

whole reason we're doing this is because

on the back the instructions kind of off

there's a different there's a way to do

it while it's frozen and there's a way

to do it while it's refrigerated mine

are always all frozen I just pull them

straight from the freezer following

these instructions you know I want you

to defrost it for 90 seconds in

microwave for 50 seconds it ends up

melting the heck out of it and not very

tasty this way is a lot easier all right

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