How to Microwave Bacon - Perfectly Crispy Bacon in Minutes!

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- When you're in a hurry and you want bacon,

the microwave is your friend.

In today's video,

I'm going to show you how to cook bacon in the microwave

to the texture that you love.

For this method, I simply have some paper plates.

You're going to need about two or so paper plates,

depending on how thick your plate is,

because the bacon grease is going to seep through

at the bottom.

You may have to do some microwave cleanup,

but point being, paper plates, paper towels.

I like to place two paper towels or so

on top of the plates, at the bottom of my bacon.

And then you don't want to overcrowd your plate.

You want to put three to four slices of bacon.

Now, this bacon is really thin

because my family likes thinly sliced bacon.

But the thicker the bacon,

the more time it's going to require in the microwave.

And I'm gonna tell you shortly how to gauge

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