GTA 5 Online :: How To Use a Melee Weapon On A Bike :: Biker DLC

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all right just wanted to do a quick

little video because I haven't seen this

brought up a lot and maybe it was a

feature that was kind of overlooked when

the DLC came out but one of the things

you can do within this DLC now is

actually use your mate melee weapon use

a melee weapon on your motorcycle now

they don't really tell you how to do

this unless you come across a certain

buying or selling mission but anyway

all right cut to the point point is how

to do it all right I'm playing on xbox

one so this is the Xbox controls I'm

assuming it would kind of coexist shut


it would kind of coincide with what the

PlayStation controls are so on the Xbox

remote you had you in order to do the

melee what you want to do is hit a and

then the left or right bumper will let

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