GTA Online - How To Use Melee Weapons On Bikes Tutorial - How To Melee On Bikes [Bikers Update]

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y'all will scan on guys I'm Jake RA and

in this video I'm going to be teaching

you how to use melee weapons on your

bike in GTA online now due to the new

bikers a DLC they've added a feature

which will allow you to actually use

your melee weapon on the bike or you

know kick people punch them - and in

order to do that basically will get on

your bike press square to get to your

actual weapon of choice right now we're

going to use the hatchet and as you can

see we can do that what you want to do

is you want to hold down Square and then

press l1 on the ps4 if you're on the

Xbox then that will be X and LB on Xbox

now you have to hold down a square while

pressing lb like that my buttons are

actually different than the original

default controls though as I've changed

handbrake from RB 2 X I've got the

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