GTA online guides - How to melee attack on a bike

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hello everyone and welcome back to

another GTA online guide today's short

video is going to be all about doing

melee attacks on bikes you may have

noticed through this new bikers update

that you can now do melee attacks whilst

riding a bike but the problem is is that

Rockstar didn't really tell us how to do

this properly so here we go when using a

controller press down the a button or

the X button if you're on PlayStation

then use the shoulder buttons to attack

in the direction you want if you're on

mouse and keyboard press the duck button

followed by either left or right click

on the mouse so there you have it guys

now you know how to use a melee attack

now go around chopping people in half

whilst riding a hundred miles an hour I

hope you enjoyed this short video and I

will see you in the next video bye-bye

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