MAGNETIZE your dry erase markers (life hack)

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wouldn't it be nice if you could just

stick all of your utensils for writing

on a whiteboard right on the dry erase

board and you come right off you can put

them right back on and you never have to

look for them it's actually pretty

simple so we have here is a magnet

underneath the felt here so whenever you

put that under there we're gonna fortify

it a little bit you can draw and then

you never have to take the eraser off of

the whiteboard you can just erase and

just leave it right there and it'll stay

it's pretty easy here to peel this back

you can just carefully peel it and if

this place where it's stuck just try to

help with that a little bit with the

knife to take the glue off just like


now that we have it peeled back you can

go ahead and glue on this magnet that we

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