The Mage Tower is BACK in Dragonflight (Location, Requirements, etc.)

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hey it's dry bear with patch 10.0.5 the

Mage tower has made a return into World

of Warcraft dragonflight and while this

doesn't mean we can get the super

awesome Legion artifact weapon

appearances that were available in the

Mage Tower before there are some sweet

rewards that you can get now so today I

want to talk about where the Mage Tower

is what you can get from it and how to

do exactly that as always if you have

any questions or comments for me you'll

find me live every day on

forward slash dry bear come by and say

hi so unfortunately you cannot get the

weapon appearances that were available

in Legion but every class and of respect

complete the Mage Tower and get special

transmogs the thing that you'll unlock

is the is a recolor of the skin set the

armor set you get from tomb of sargeras

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