How to Sew with shirring elastic by Debbie Shore

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i've got a few questions this week about

how to use shearing elastics so i

thought i'd do this quick video to

explain it to you um so no project in

this one i'll try and fit that in

shortly and we'll maybe make a little

girl's dress

but this is just a very quick video to

explain to you what shearing elastic is

how to set up your sewing machine to use

it and the effect that it's going to

create so if you haven't heard of

shoeing before

you may have seen

in clothing particularly rows and rows

and rows of stitches that gather the

fabric and make it elasticated and

you'll find that on little girls dresses

on bodices on dresses

maybe around cuffs on blouses and

dresses as well and it's a really lovely

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