How to Machine Bind a Quilt

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welcome to the Finish Line with

sewveryeasy my name is Laura and the

last thing we do on a quilt is put

binding on now I love to sit down and do

the hand binding it's sort of like the

ending of a really good book for me but

there are times that I need to get that

binding done quickly and then I need to

take it to the sewing machine so I'm

going to show you how I machine Stitch

my binding on so it goes together a lot

faster than the hand sewing the quilt is

all quilted and ready for binding there

are two things that I like to do to the

quilt before I even put binding on it

the first thing is run a very small

Stitch right along this Edge

it has to be within a quarter inch

that's keeping the layers together so it

doesn't shift when I do put the binding


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