How to REFILL your #Polaroid Snap with Film

Oh everyone this is max with Asian Geek

Squad and today we're going to show you

a really quick tutorial on how to

exchange the film on your Polaroid snap

so basically once it's empty all you

have to do is open your device fill it

up with sync paper and one-seater is

huge I have this one already opened and

then from there you're going to place

the barcode facedown now the one tricky

thing about this is it actually won't

process until you take your first photo

so we're just going to take a quick

sample photo right now turn your device

on and then once you take your photo the

paper should come out with the barcode

on it and then a second one with the

photo you've actually taken so the first

time you actually fill it up there's a

little bit of a lag because it has to

process the paper first but no worries

I'll just go ahead and take a photo here

of what we've taken before there you go

so the first one will be the barcode

paper with the barcode and the second

one will be the photo we've taken and

after that that's pretty much it if you

can take your photos until you run out


so this is actually kind of annoying I

almost wish that for the first photo

that or once you load it in that it

would actually just eject this paper and

you wouldn't have to take a photo but

it's actually not so bad it takes about

a whole minute to do both and here we

are our little photo montage well I'm

kind of a bad day and I guess at close


all right well so that ends our tutorial

with filling up your Polaroid snap with

film if you guys have any questions at

all about the Polaroid snap or any

gadgets leave us a comment down below

who knows in my bills topic of our next

tutorial all right well thank you guys

for watching take care Aloha