Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer Unboxing & Setup

welcome to Stata tech I'm Jared and

today we're going to take a look at the

Polaroid zip mobile photo printer now a

couple of weeks ago ish we take we took

a look at another mobile printer and I

actually really ended up liking it I

used it in a couple of shoots just to

give some immediate photos and it just

was a huge hit and I thought if I could

just get slightly better quality photos

out of a mobile printer I would be happy

and so I thought why not buy a Polaroid

zip and give it a try so we're going to

open it up and look at the setup process

put some photo paper in it and see what

happens now let's just get this open I'm

using my Kershaw kind of my go-to blade

for opening stuff it's a little beat up

but what the heck let's go ahead and

open up this box try not to ruin the box

on the process and slide this printer

out we've got kind of a QuickStart guide

here we've got the printer and then we

have some paper and it looks like maybe

a charging and a sync cable so I love

the fact already that it came with some

paper the other photo printer that I had

definitely didn't you know so I'm gonna

I'm going to do this set up video and

we're going to talk about this camera

here or this photo printer here but what

I really want to do is do a side-by-side

comparison of this photo printer and the

Instax photo printer so make sure to

subscribe to our channel here so that

you get updates when when we get that

video out hopefully we'll have it out in

the next few days so you can also get

larger quantities of paper this is a 50

pack of sheets here and that's a lot

more than you can get and the Instax

definitely take up a lot more space than

that alright so what we have back here

is a reset button we have a charging

light we have a micro USB port here for

charging and then we have the opening of

the printer we pop the top panel off

here and we have this little this

little tray which I would assume is

where we go and place our paper so let's

go ahead and open up our paper and as it

do not touch so make sure you don't

touch you got to pay attention to the

rules so let's go ahead and take this

out we've got the little smart sheet

here it says must load barcode facing

down so we're going to go ahead and drop

that in place flip this back over and

there we go so we'll set that off to the

side I'm going to power it up there we

go I'm going to grab my phone now you

have to install the app I provided a

link in the description below to the app

it's making some noise and it's very

slowly spitting out that barcode page

here I'm going to click on connect to

device it might not be ready to connect

so we're just going to go ahead and wait

let it do its thing

there we go we'll go ahead and remove

that click on connect to device it says

no accessories connected so you know we

may need to go into bluetooth so let's

just go ahead and take a look and see

what we have there we've got our

Polaroid zip we're now connected we'll

go back to the app tap connect to device

there we have our Polaroid it says make

sure bluetooth is on all that good stuff

we'll hit OK so that it can see our

photos and then let's scroll down to a

photo tap on it we can edit the photo so

we've got different editing options here

we can add text we can Sparkle up our

photo make some changes or adjustments

or whatnot and even crop and then save

that photo you can also make a collage

print if you'd like there is an option

here to actually share your photo and

then we can just tap on print and then

what's cool is it actually allows you to

rotate the photo here so you don't even

have to go into the editing you can

reposition and pinch and zoom on the

photo which is great that's a neat

feature and then just tap print choose

how many copies hit print and it says

image added to the print queue I'll hit

OK and so what's cool is it has a print

queue which means I can now go back and

I can start to edit or work on other

photos well it starts to send this photo

over to the printer and then we have

kind of our our process our printing

process so let's go ahead and see how

long it takes for a photo to come out

all right you know that's that's pretty

that's pretty nice this is a zero ink

process which means that there's no ink

cartridges or anything like that inside

of the printer

everything that you need is right here

in the photo paper and in the printer

itself so basically when you run out of

paper you just reload paper there's no

inks there's no cartridges there's no

nothing it's just simply putting in more

photo paper now what I like about this

little print here this is a 2 by 3 print

and it's edge to edge which means I've

got I've got no borders no edges now of

course in the app I can go ahead and add

some of those I there were lots of

little editing features here that I can

do I can kind of give it that Polaroid

look by choosing a border style or

something like that

so if I wanted to go for that look I

could definitely get it but for me I

want the edge to edge I want the photo

print I mean the only thing that would

be better than this is if it was bigger

but I love the fact that it prints

pretty fast

you know the print quality isn't perfect

but this is definitely on par with the

type of print quality that I would

expect from you know something mobile

something small what's nice about this

is that it's immediate you know the

print comes out and it's already ready

to go it doesn't have to you know sit

there for a while it's just a pretty

fast process so I'm pretty impressed

with this so far I'm liking this

platform I think what I really need to

do is go and grab both of these printers

and do a test we want to see which one's

faster I want to see which one is

actually more cost-effective to use over

time and you know most importantly the

quality but you know that's going to

have to come in another video so you

know if you want to check out this

printer which I'm really liking it so

far and I'm going to spend some more

time with it and then come back with

that side-by-side comparison to the

Instax printer but if you want to check

it out click on the link in the

description below on Amazon is where I

pick this up I got this printer here I

got this fat stack of paper which is

definitely an economical way to go the

price is pretty decent considering

you're getting everything that you need

in the sheet of paper

versus having to buy ink and paper I

think that the the cost is definitely

pretty decent so I'm going to spend some

more time with it I want to see how many

prints I can get out of this without you

know running out a battery charge all

that good stuff and then we're going to

come back and we're going to compare

them side to side with the Instax and

the polaroid Zink the little printer

here and yeah we'll come back for that

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this cool old printer leave them in the

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