Tally.ERP9 : How To Load TCP File or Tally Customization / Tally Add Ons

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hello youtube I am Rohit from discover

telly in this video I will brief you

about how to load customizations in

telly tally gives us a feature in which

we can load customizations so that

certain features which are not there in

telly we can customize them in telly

customization is driven by a TCP file on

the desktop you can find this TCP file

in order to run this file I will just

copy this file open the Talley folder

the folder in which Talley has been

installed and paste it here look here it

is pasted and in 360 dot TCP this file

has extension TCP now I have to

configure mattelli so that whenever the

telly is loaded this file will run what

what I will do is I will simply select

this file copied

and then open tele f12 product and

features f4 and paste the file name here

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